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Comply.ProScaler - an AI-powered compliance platform for businesses 

At ProScaler, we understand the importance of meeting regulatory compliance requirements in today's business environment. Our cutting-edge solutions automate the identification of applicable critical statutory compliance requirements and help businesses to assign tasks to responsible team members, saving your organization valuable time and money. With our market place with trusted professionals, you can rest assured that all of your compliance needs are taken care of round the year.

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Enable businesses to focus on growing their businesses with confidence by eliminating compliance uncertainty and avoiding arbitrary penalties 

Our Story

ProScaler is committed to helping businesses and professionals benefit from the latest innovations in AI technology.

 It is always a challenge for growing businesses to stay abreast of arbitrarily changing corporate & tax regulatory requirements and to stay compliant. 


The consequences of non-compliance is very costly and can't be afforded by any business entity on an ongoing basis.


ProScaler Comply provides software that helps

  • Automate identification of all applicable statutory compliance requirements

  • Assign compliance tasks to responsible team members, saving organizations time and money 

  • Offer trusted professionals to cater to the compliance needs.

    With the help of our compliance solution, teams can focus their attention on more important tasks and avoid costly human omissions and error. 

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Meet The Founders

Vish Arunachalam photo

Vish Arunachalam

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Vish has 23+ years of experience in management consulting and technology, with a focus on enterprise software implementation, business advisory, and compliance review for Fortune 500 clients. He is a Silicon Valley-based chartered accountant and entrepreneur.

Murali Chandrasekaran

Murali Chandrasekaran

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Murali has 32+ years of experience in solution architecture, management consulting, and product development working with top-tier global clients. He is passionate about creating innovative products to solve complex business problems. 

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